Who Are We?

Clay Tree is a non-profit, registered society that was incorporated in 1957 under the Societies Act of British Columbia.  Clay Tree is contracted through Community Living British Columbia and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

A group of parents came together and formed Christopher Robin School as there were no school programs for children with special needs at that time. Once the school was set up and running parents embarked on providing a place for adults with developmental disabilities to attend. School district 68 offered a piece of land for lease and gave the group permission to build on the property at 838 Old Victoria Road.

Today we are an accredited agency providing support to eighty individuals ranging in age from nineteen to seventy. Our programs focus on community inclusion, recreation, life skills, volunteer opportunities, artistic exploration, personal empowerment and independence.


Each person is unique and has the right to a life of quality and dignity. Every effort will be made to maximize autonomy, potential and to facilitate self-determination. Our aim is to cultivate a capacity for tolerance and an ability to appreciate the ethnic and cultural diversity that makes up humankind. Programs will reflect the strengths and needs of people with developmental disabilities and will support them in the pursuit of their goals.


We see a community that recognizes Clay Tree Society for what we do to support individuals with developmental disabilities; a community where participants are included based on their choices and where they continue to develop skills.

We see a society that supports participants and their families that is safe and friendly where individuals can come to be with friends and have a social network.  A place where they can develop self-esteem and learn work related skills.  Our goal is to have individuals be supported and successful in their endeavours to be as independent as possible.


The strategic planning process is based on information received from staff, participants, and community stakeholders and reviewed by the board of directors. This document is based on three strategic goals:

1.      To continue to support the individuals who attend Clay Tree Society and provide excellent service for these individuals.
2.      To meet the changing needs of persons in our community by striving to adapt the practices in place which have been successful in the past.
3.      To maintain financial sustainability.
4.      To explore new administrative/management models.
5.      To improve the public awareness of the work of the Clay Tree Society.
6.      To meet the changing economic, social, vocational and technological needs of the individuals at Clay Tree.


Clay Tree’s goal was to have all our participants under one roof where there could be inclusion and involvement for everyone. This required an extensive renovation which transformed one large area from a workshop to a fully equipped program for participants who had previously been attending a satellite program.  The renovation expanded to refurbish other programs and update many areas in the building including the main office area and the large common room as well as some other programs.  Future plans include bringing the kitchen up to standard to increase use of that area and possibly generate revenue.

Members of the Board have been working toward a successful purchase of the School District property we currently lease.  They have spoken to our MLA’s and also officials from the School Board who have all been very positive regarding the possibility of this purchase happening in the near future.  This work will continue.


To continue to support individuals at Clay Tree

Objectives:  To encourage participants to be involved in the community as a whole: to access classes, sports, cultural activities, special events and volunteer/employment opportunities as much as possible. To keep families and caregivers informed about goals, activities and person centred plans for individuals and to request their input.

Objectives:  To maintain good communication with all members of Clay Tree through monthly newsletters and a website that gives a full overview of Clay Tree.  The Board is committed to maintaining an informative stance with participants, staff, caregivers and the membership. This will be achieved by holding meetings with staff and board members to keep them up-to-date and also by having a Liaison Committee who are available to meet with staff, members, families and caregivers when they request it.


Encouraging staff to maintain an awareness of the local community and making use of all pertinent activities.


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